Upgrade to the Ultimate Sailing System

Save up to £500 when you purchase a B&G Zeus with any qualifying accessory!!

Save £200 on ZEUS S 7

Save £300 on ZEUS S 9 and ZEUS3S 9

Save £400 on ZEUS S 12 and ZEUS3S 12

Save £500 on ZEUS3S 16 

How to Claim:

1. Purchase a selected chartplotter/fishfinder along with a qualifying accessory between 01/03/2024 and 30/04/24.

2. Click the ‘CLAIM NOW’ button below and provide proof of purchase when prompted.

3. When you have successfully completed your claim you will receive an confirmation email.

4. You will receive the cashback into the bank account you provided the details for within 4 weeks of your claim.

Qualifying Accessories:

M-EW-Y200-SM    C-MAP Discover United Kingdom

M-EW-Y226-SM    C-MAP Reveal United Kingdom

M-EW-T-226-D-MS C-MAP Discover X United Kingdom

M-EW-T-226-R-MS C-MAP Reveal X United Kingdom

000-13335-001    NAC-2 Core Pack

000-13336-001    NAC-3 Core Pack

000-13337-001    NAC-2 VRF Core Pack

000-13338-001    NAC-3 VRF Core Pack

000-13561-001    Triton2 Autopilot Controller and Display Pack

000-13298-002    Triton2 Speed/Depth Instrument Pack

000-14955-002    Triton2 Speed/Depth/Wind Instrument Pack (Wired)

000-14956-002    Triton2 Speed/Depth/Wind Instrument Pack (Wireless)

000-11087-001    10/10HV Display

000-11088-001    20/20HV Display for H5000/Triton

000-11089-001    30/30HV Display Pack Triton/H5000

000-13609-001     NAIS-500 with GPS500

000-13963-001    NAIS-500 with NSPL-500 GPS500 + N2k

000-13612-001    NSPL-500 

000-14492-001    B&G V20S DSC VHF with GPS

000-14471-001    VHF Marine Radio, DSC, AIS-RX, V60

000-14474-001    VHF Marine Radio, DSC, AIS-RXTX, V60-B

000-14819-001    VHF Marine Kit V60-B + GPS500

000-15793-001    VHF Radio V100-B System, AIS + GPS-500

000-15644-001    VHF Radio V100 System

000-14537-001    HALO20 Radar

000-14536-001    HALO20+ Radar

000-14535-001    HALO24 Radar

000-12607-001    Precision-9 Compass

000-11674-001    ForwardScan XDCR Kit

000-14390-001    WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor

000-14383-001    WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor Pack with Interface

000-15974-001    Sail Performance Pack

000-14391-001    WS310 Wine Sensor

000-14382-001    WS310 Wired Wind Pack, Includes 20m Cable + Interface

000-14843-001    WS310 Wired Wind Pack, Includes 35m Cable + Interface

000-15134-001    Triton Edge Sailing Processor

000-15611-001    Nemesis 9”

000-15612-001    Nemesis 12”

000-15683-001    Nemesis Hub

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