Seiwa MDS-12 Radome

The MDS-12 is a powerful radar antenna that transforms your SEIWA chartplotter into an integrated radar display. Integrate the MDS-12 radar antenna into your navigation system or safe navigation even in crowded waters or in poor visibility conditions. Get visual situational awareness fully integrated with electronic charts, AIS, and other onboard features. Traditional Seiwa quality and reliability in a compact, lightweight radar antenna. The 24” radome radar is ruggedly built to withstand harsh conditions at sea on commercial as well as recreational vessels.

The Radar antenna connects via ethernet cable to a WiFi router (not included) to provide a stable signal. Through the Wi-fi router, the radar antenna MDS-12 connects wirelessly to the plotter.

The MDS-12 radome is compatible with Explorer23 Wi-Fi and SWx series.

Note: A Wi-Fi Router with ethernet connection is required for integration with compatible plotters.

Key Features

Powerful: 4kW high-power all-weather radar with 36nm range

Radar page / overlay: Transform your chartplotter into an integrated radar display for visual situational awareness, fully integrated with charts, AIS and other features.

Split screen with radar and chart screens side-by-side for clear viewing and quick comparison

Chart Radar and AIS Overlay: Overlay and full info for AIS and DSC targets, as well as user marks, events and routes

Radar Contextual Menu Contextual Menu: Quick access to Marks and other functions 

Guard zones: You can enable guard zones on the Radar and set a notification for each one

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Seiwa MDS-12 Radome

  • Brand: Seiwa
  • Model: MDS-12
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Lead Time: 1-2 weeks
  • £2,037.92

  • Ex VAT:£1,698.27

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