Simrad 4G Broadband Radar

For optimal target separation, Broadband 4G Radar is the world's first dome radar to use Beam Sharpening, which significantly improves azimuth resolution. The result is a resolution that is equivalent to a 3.5 feet, open array radar. The Lowrance, Simrad and B&G Broadband 4G Radars' exclusive dual-range functionality makes them the ultimate navigational safety tool by allowing boaters to see a buoy 200 feet away, while simultaneously monitoring coastal projections of up to 36 nautical miles. In addition, Simrad 4G Radar can track up to 10 MARPA targets per range, each with independent control, for a total of 20 tracked targets in split-screen mode. Broadband 4G Radar not only raises the bar in radome performance by providing superior resolution at long-range distances, it also delivers the same exceptional close-range capability of the 3G Broadband Radar. The system marks objects within 6.5 feet (2 meters) of the boat, providing target definition and separation in close quarters where traditional pulse radar is blind. Maintaining high-sensitivity and clarity in all weather conditions, the 4G radar provides easy-to-view detail of targets even in high-sea states. Additional Broadband 4G Radar safety and convenience features include: revolution speeds up to 36 rpm providing near-instant updates at ranges less than 2 nautical miles and directional sidelobe-clutter suppression to reduce clutter and echoes. Simrad Broadband Radar™ transmits at 1/10,000 the power of typical pulse radars, emitting 5-times less energy than an average mobile telephone!  With zero radiation hazard, it's the safest choice for any vessel. Plus, with the lowest DC power draw of any X-band marine radar, it's the first and only radar which is ideally suited for sailboats, fishing or cruising boats with limited power.

The Simrad 4G Broadband Radar is compatible with Simrad Go9, NSE, NSS, NSS Evo2, NSS Evo3, NSO & NSO Evo2 series MFD's.

4G Broadband Radar Key Features

  • Beam Sharpening: The worlds first and only dome radar with beam sharpening, get target separation as good as a 3.5ft. open array radar.
  • Improved Range: See targets up to 32nm away, and large storm cells at more than 17nm away.
  • Instant On™: Solid-state technology produces an immediate, accurate on-screen image, without the lengthy warm-up delay of magnetron pulse radars.
  • Low Power Consumption: Ideal for boats of any size, sail, cruise or fish.
  • Automatic Clarity: Proven automatic harbor/marina and offshore modes.
  • MARPA Target Tracking*: Track up to 10 targets. Requires a heading sensor.
  • Radar/Chart Overlay*: Merges radar with cartography in a detail-rich display.
  • Crystal-Clear Image: Fantastic for tight maneuvers in marinas or in conditions of limited visibility.
  • Quick Installation: No reason to open the dome, no tune or zero-mile adjustment, and no radar-licensed technician required.
  • Safe: Extremely Low Emissions. Safer than any other radar currently on the market and emitting less radiation than a mobile phone so it can be mounted anywhere.
  • High-Speed Mode: Select 36RPM for almost instant updating at 1nm.
  • Dual Guard Zones*: Protect yourself from more angles.

Note* A Heading Sensor is required to support MARPA Tracking, Chart Overlay and Dual Guard zones. Available here

In the Box

SIMRAD 4G Broadband Radar, RI10 Radar Interface Box, 20m Radar Scanner Cable, 1.8m Ethernet Cable

Range 200ft to 36nm
Dimensions MM (LxHxD) 489.6 x 280 x 488.6
Power Consumption (with 10m cable) Operating: 20W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc (21W in dual range mode) Standby: 2.9W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc ~ 170mA DC input (at end of radar cable)
Supply Voltage 9V to 31.2Vdc (12/24 Volt systems)
Weight 7.4 Kg
Frequency X-Band (9.3 to 9.4 Ghz)
Power Output 165 mW

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SIMRAD 4G Broadband Radar Scanner

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