Simrad TXL-10S-4 HD Digital Radar

The Simrad TXL-10S-4 HD Digital Radar employs a 10kW transceiver and high-performance 4-foot open array scanner with 1.8° beam resolution to deliver an instrumented range of 64 nautical miles, while advanced digital signal processing ensures reliable target detection and minimises screen clutter. Suitable for a range of non-SOLAS applications, this commercial-grade radar is designed to withstand sustained wind loads up to 100 knots, and features a long-life magnetron and brushless motor for maximum service life.

Installed just five metres (17 feet) above the waterline, the TXL-10S-4 HD Digital Radar will trigger RACONs (radar beacons) and SARTs (Search And Rescue Transponders) at a minimum range of five nautical miles. As these beacons are not triggered by FMCW Broadband™ radar, Simrad HD Digital Radar is ideal for vessels that rely on RACONs for navigation and collision avoidance, and for vessels frequently engaged in search-and-rescue operations.

When installed 15 metres (50 feet) above the waterline, the TXL-10S-4 scanner complies with all IMO IEC62388 Annex D target detection specifications

Compatible with Simrad MFD's: Go9, NSE, NSS, NSS Evo2, NSS Evo3, NSO & NSO Evo2

Compatible Lowrance MFD's: HDS, HDS Gen2, HDS Gen3, & HDS Carbon

TXL-10S-4 HD Digital Radar Key Features

  • 4-foot open-array antenna
  • 64nm instrumented range with 1.8° beam resolution
  • Meets IMO IEC62388 Annex D target detection specifications
  • Triggers RACONs and SARTs at 5nm range
  • Automatic Tune, Gain, and Sea Clutter adjustments in Harbour and Offshore Modes
  • Dual EBL/VRM, Dual Guard Zones
  • TrueColor display for improved target distinction
  • Radar overlay on charts
  • 10-target MARPA tracking (requires heading sensor)
  • Ethernet connectivity, compatible with all Simrad NSE/NSS/NSO multifunction displays

Note: A Heading Sensor is required to support MARPA Tracking, Chart Overlay and Dual Guard zones, please click here for more information.

In the Box

Simrad 4-Foot Low Emmision HD radar, 10kW HD radar processor box, 20m scanner cable, 1.8m ethernet cable, 0.2m ethernet adapter straight RJ45 M to yellow 5-pin F

Range Upto 64nm
Dimensions MM (LxHxD) 1320⌀ x 458 x 461
Power Consumption 230W Max
Supply Voltage 24v DC Systems (21.6 to 31.2v DC min-max)
Weight 34 Kg
Frequency 9410±30MHz
Power Output 10kW±50% under any pulse condition

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SIMRAD 10kW, 4ft Low Emission HD Radar

  • Brand: SIMRAD
  • MPN: 000-11477-001
  • Model: TXL-10S-4
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  • £4,380.00

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