Life Cell Trailerboat Flotation Device

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The Trailerboat is the smallest Life Cell that is designed to fit on smaller boats and can be used in inland or offshore waters. The EPIRB is mounted externally on the side of the Life Cell and the internal compartment will fit all mandatory safety equipment, which can be purchased separately. 

Designed to keep people together in water in times of panic, Life Cells come with lanyards, so that users are not separated from the Life Cell in the case of fatigue or high seas. A mounting bracket is also included in the purchase price.

Life Cell is available in four sizes:

Safely store the following safety products:

  • EPIRB – all brands
  • Flares
  • Parachute Flares
  • Flare Gun
  • Safety Flag
  • Whistle
  • Air Horn
  • Flash Light
  • Signaling Device

There is also room for wallet, keys, phone, sun block and a hand held VHF radio. Even water can be stored in the Life Cell. All kept dry and safe in the Life Cell’s compartment and ready for any emergency.

   Life Cell
Dimensions MM (LxHxD) Internal: 7.87" height x 10.62" width x 2.93" depth
Other Assists: 2-4 People

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Life Cell Trailerboat Flotation Device

  • £235.00

  • Ex VAT:£195.83

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