Navionics Platinum+

Head out with confidence! All the same marine and lakes content and advanced features found in Navionics+ for GPS plotters are augmented with 3D View, satellite overlay and panoramic photos to provide the ultimate situational awareness. Designed with the most demanding boaters in mind, these additional viewing options can be used on a growing number of GPS plotters.

Navionics make thousands of edits every day, so you can always have the most current charts.

Daily updates and advanced features are included for one year.

Supplied in SD card format which includes a Micro SD card.

Key Features

Dock-to-Dock Autorouting; Available on newer Raymarine, B&G, SIMRAD and Lowrance MFD chartplotters, Dock-to-Dock autorouting quickly calculates a detailed route even through narrow passages and channels, based on chart data and navigation aids

Plotter, mobile and PC! On plotter, find the same presentation across a wide range manufacturers. On mobile and PC, just download one Navionics Boating app and select your region.

Daily Updates; One year of free updates is included with your new Navionics+ chart, giving you unparalleled accuracy.

SonarChart™ Live allows you to create new personal 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. The feature can be displayed directly on the screen of compatible plotters, or on a mobile device within the Navionics Boating app when connected wirelessly to a sonar.

Plotter Sync; If you own a compatible plotter from Raymarine, you can use Plotter Sync to transfer routes and markers, upload sonar logs, download new areas and updates to your card, and activate a new Navionics+ card wirelessly by connecting an iPhone, iPad or Android with the Navionics Boating app to your plotter.

Community Edits; Local inputs added by millions of Navionics mobile and plotter users throughout the year.

Satellite Overlay; Especially helpful in congested ports and marinas, crisp satellite overlay can also help you find hidden features such as backwater channels that might hold fish.

3D View; Dynamic 3D View allows you to customize your chart to highlight key features for a better awareness of your surroundings.

Panoramic Photos; Panoramic photos give a better sense of the surroundings so you can evaluate your options.


Some older chartplotters are incompatible with Navionics+, while some can only display the nautical chart but not the other features such as SonarChart or Community Edits. Therefore it is important to check the compatibility table to insure your plotter is listed. The table is available here.

It is also vital you tell us the MAKE and MODEL of your chartplotter on ordering, so we can insure the correct format of chart is dispatched. Please do this on the text field to the right.

Choose From

  • 5P391XL/UK    Strait of Dover
  • 5P392XL/UK    English Channel
  • 5P393XL/UK    Irish Sea
  • 5P394XL/UK    Ireland
  • 5P396XL/UK    Scotland West
  • 5P397XL/UK    Eastern UK
   Navionics Compatibility Guide July 2019

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Navionics Platinum+ Plus XL Small Area UK

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